[Free Download] Kicks n Licks – The Expedition EP


Kicks N Licks releasing their massive ‘Expedition EP‘. This release is full of heavy bass that will get you going with a nice variety of dubstep, trap, drum & bass it has a little something for everyone. This four track EP is a must have for any bass music enthusiasts. This duo raging out of San Diego, CA is for sure a name you want to watch out for. Make sure and download this Ep for free from their website ->www.KnLDub.com

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[Future Funk] GRiZ – Gettin’ Live


GRiZ coming out with a super funky tune that is full of some great guitar riffs, as well as some sexy sax that will have any one grovin hard! He has a HUGE spring tour planned all across the country, one that we are very excited to see him at is Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival. Make sure to check out his whole Spring/Summer schedule on his website mynameisgriz.com/

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Manics – The Way You Move (TYR Remix) Free Download


TYR coming out with yet another funky banger, this remix for Manics track “The Way You Move”. This remix is a beautiful electronic track that has some disco funk to it. We also have another track the TYR released a few weeks ago called “Focus”, that is a heavy electronic track that will get your day started. Make sure and grab both of these track for free today!

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[Indie] Cherub – 100 Bottles EP


Nashville based indie electronica duo Cherub just unleashed their latest 100 Bottles EP available below for free. This follows up their massive first Album Mom & Dad. That included such hits as “Doses & Mimosas” as well as “Monogamy“. 100 Bottles features 6 songs that are all sexy 80′s influenced dance tracks. Grab their whole album from iTunes below.


Direct Download | iTunes download

[Bass] Underworld – Rez (Bassnectar Remix)

Underworld - Rez (Bassnectar Remix)Underworld - Rez (Bassnectar Remix)

It has been a bit since we posted a Bassnectar remix but this melodic banger has to be shared. This tracks intro has a sexy melody followed with some amazing drums, when it drops it has that Bassnectar vibe that caries you along for a journey. Make sure you listen to this track on a nice pair of headphones or some big speakers it will be worth it!

[Progressive House] Seven8seveN – Dichotomy (Original Mix)


Our good friend Seven8seveN just released yet another massive progressive house track. “Dichotomy’s” melody is beautifully designed, this track is a very happy tune that you can play on repeat all day. We have featured other tracks from Seven8seveN such as Adamo, Theory and his Insomniac Discovery Project: Nocturnal Wonderland remix of Renegade. Keep an eye out for this guy he has a lot of new tracks that are about to be released in the near future.


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[Hip Hop] AraabMUZIK – The Prince is Coming



AraabMUZIK drops his first single off his up coming album “The Prince is Coming“. This track you can tell that he is finally deciding to include samples that match his speed-type MPC playing. Araab builds the whole track around a gallopping beat sample. The Prince is Coming mixtape Supposedly will be out on February 15th, stay tuned for more information on the release date.

Butch Clancy – A Beautiful Mind LP [Free Download]



Butch Clancy has yet released another EP. This time he takes a swing at some Trap music and he kills it, With some heavy hip hop beats that will have you twerk’n all day long. This 9 track release is filled with such songs as LIARZ, Lazy Twerk, Dopeboy and Ratchet Anthem these take some vocal snipits from some hard hitting hip hop tracks. As always Butch Clancy has all of his releases for free Download so make sure you grab them today and show some love on his social outlets.

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[House] Dank – Blow Me (FTampa Remix)


FTampa just came out with a massive remix of Dank’s Blow Me“, this track is a super heavy electro house track that uses a vocal edit from the movie Blow.  We have featured such FTampa remixes as “Levels ” in the past. Make sure and play this track at maximum volume!

[Electronic / Hip Hop] Two Fresh – Watch This! EP


Two Fresh coming out with their sick new “Watch This! EP“, This five song EP is filled with some sick Hip Hop influenced electronic music. This project features the eerie bass filled single “12PM” we got to hear last week. Plus four more tracks that are different styles, but it follows the same unique sound that the twins from Two Fresh bring you.